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I'm a highly analytical and detail-oriented individual with a passion for digital marketing. My skills and interest are in analytics and project management. I believe that there is always a good use of data for the future. I thrive in fast-paced environments and love working for the community

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Youth Lead / Intern

Experience 1

Sparsha Nepal : Media and Strategic Information Associate

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Description 1

I specialized in media planning and execution for "Me & My Mental Ravan: Youtube," a podcast dedicated to mental health awareness, Q&A sessions, engaging games, and compelling case study videos. My role involves meticulously organizing stakeholder meetings, presenting comprehensive plans, and showcasing our work effectively.

I'm adept at crafting persuasive project proposals and implementing strategic media plans with a focus on humanity and its impact. My expertise extends to orchestrating both national and international events, fostering collaboration, and elevating our podcast's reach.

In addition, I excel in SEO, SEM, and digital analytics to optimize online content, providing actionable insights that empower our team. I also handle first-hand research and the production cycle of motivation videos, from recording and editing to seamless posting.

Previously, I've demonstrated my skills by creating informative and captivating videos on crucial topics such as HIV, ART, and U=U, Harm Reduction, Prevention and care and more contributing to the broader conversation surrounding health education and awareness.

My commitment to media excellence and dedication to our podcast's mission make me a valuable asset to any project or team.

Experience 2

Shikhar School : Curriculam Development

Date 2


Description 2

Designing and implementing curriculum, including developing lesson plans, creating

assessments, and aligning curriculum with state and national standards with activity-
based lesson plans.

Experience 3

Oya Inc : Digital Marketing Executive

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Description 3

I specialized in managing social media accounts and crafting engaging campaigns that drive social media engagement. My expertise extends to creating compelling content for scholarships, fellowships, conferences, and Model United Nations (MUN) events worldwide. I'm well-versed in utilizing diverse digital marketing channels, including SEO, SEM, PPC, social media, email marketing, and content marketing, to amplify outreach and foster meaningful connections within these global communities. With a keen eye for strategy and a passion for impactful content, I'm dedicated to making a difference in the digital realm of education and opportunities.


Education 1

Asian Institute of Technology: Msc in Business Analytics and Digital Tranfsormation

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Description Education 1

My MSc in Business Analytics and Digital Transformation focuses on data-driven decision-making and the strategic use of digital technologies in business

Education 2

Queen Margaret university : Bachelors in Business Administration

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Education 3

Ace institute of Management : High School
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